a spring weekend


A couple weeks ago, we’ve been so lucky with the weather here in the U.K. to have a super sunny weekend. I obviously took advantage of this weather and made the most of it. On Friday i met up with my cousin and we brought some food in M&S and had a little picnic in the Olympic Park together. Later on, we went to the cinema to watch ‘Greta’ which was in fact really good! We had a sleepover at mine that evening and spent Saturday chilling out.

On Sunday me and my family spent the day together by going upto Alexandra Park; just as every other londoner decided to do aswell. On the way back, we decided to do a BBQ much to my request (lol), so brought the food for that and headed home for the said BBQ.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog post, comment down below how you spent your Easter weekend!

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0 responses to “a spring weekend”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, those necklaces are lovely!

  2. thetinkerbug says:

    Nice post! That BBQ looked oh so yummy! 😉

  3. wow your weekend looked amazing!

  4. ^Iremsu^ says:

    BBQ looks delicious,Don’t forget to “Enjoy your Coco Coco,Cola”😂🤣

  5. Picnic in the park, BBQ and that cute outfit all scream summer fun. Sounds like you had a fun weekend dear!


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