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Here’s to another rambling, exploring and photography filled post! The weather in London the past few weeks has been glorious and filled with blue skies and sunshine.. which only meant one thing GET OUT AND EXPLORE (!!) Me and my family decided to head down to Alexandra Palace as that is the exact place to chill, explore, yet still have a bit of fun! Firstly we were so lucky so have visited Alexandra Palace that day, as during that weekend there was a farmers market along with various types of food stalls all from different cultures and backgrounds! 

Firstly, as soon as we arrived we visited the farmers market, and oh my god there was some amazing amazing food, art and little bits and bobs people were selling. There was a bunch of fruit and vegetable stools which were filled with some lovely hand picked organic goods which all looked so lush! Moving down there were loads of cheese and wine stools and homemade tray bakes and cakes which looked and smelt delicious! As well as amazing veg & fruit stools there was also food stands from different countries like Greece, China, Indian and we even managed to stumble across a Turkish stand too! 


Later on after browsing the farmers market, we started wandering around the foresty area and then walked upto the Park itself! Let me just say going from one area to another within Alexandra Palace was a whole trek itself, it felt as if we were hiking whilst walking up those hilltops but it was totally worth it! Once we found the greenery area, we found a little spot in the shade and laid out a picnic blanket and relaxed for a while (..two hours) ! 

After some hours later me and my sister decided to go up the hills and go the the hilltop area and look around at the food stalls and watch the view which looks out onto that city skyline. From my photos it may look like there was just a few people there that day but oh my god it was jam packed with people who all came for the same reason! There was A LOT of different types of food stalls there ranging from, the classic pizza, vegan food, crepes, burgers, kebabs and all the other practical lush foodies! There was also couple people creating art such as graffiti spray paints and paintings, which was super interesting to watch! There was also 80’s music blasting out and there was actually a man and a women who were dressed up in eighties style clothing dancing to the music with some jazzy moves, it was very entertaining to watch!! 

Once we were done at the Park we drove towards the Boating Lake and wandered around it for a while as well as relaxing on the greenery areas too! This lake was massive and it was such a pretty view to watch whilst relaxing too! 

After we spent a good few hours wandering around and exploring Alexandra Palace, we decided to head down to Islington as we also visit a family friend down there. We used to always drive past or through Islington streets but I never really walked around it and looked around but I fell in love with that area straight away, it’s full of cafes and high end stores and sums up London in a nutshell! There are a lot of those ‘Instagramable’ houses with those cool snazzy colours it’s all just LUSHH (!!!) 

Finally we headed home after a fun, long but a very tiring day to chill and relax for rest of the evening! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below if you have ever visited Alexandra Palace or will do in the near future! 
Ayse Merve! 


23 responses to “Alexandra Palace || Let’s Explore ”

  1. I absolutely love the picture! They look vintage and so perfect! I have never visited Alexandra palace but I would love too! xx corinne

  2. Alexandra palace is beautiful isn’t it? We’ve been for the fireworks for NYE and to the Foodies Festival, we’ll be there in Aug for this years Foodies Fest too!

    Jessica & James | /

  3. FyzaZubs says:

    The pictures you’ve taken are captured so nicely and I particularly like the photographs of the doors, I’m not quite sure why lol! I also want visit different places and get into photography. Good post!

  4. Chrissy Day says:

    Love the door pictures!

  5. OV says:

    That looks absolutely lovely.

  6. andthenzen says:

    I absolutely adore Farmers Markets – they’re so cute?! Alexandra Palace looks stunning too, I’ll definitely put it on my list of places to visit!

  7. Your photos are so good, looks like you had a really fun day out!

  8. Nouf says:

    These pictures look amazing! I loved the street art one! I’ve never been, but it looks fun and seems like there’s so much to do. xx

    Nouf ||

  9. rebeca Lane says:

    I love chatty little photography posts. Looks like such a great place and love these photos!


  10. Rachel Wuest says:

    I love Alexandra Palace! Such a neat place with awesome views, love going to gigs here.

  11. Tabitha says:

    What gorgeous photos! I love Alexandra Palace! I definitely need to revisit soon.

    Tabitha xx

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