Autumn To-Do List


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Hello crisp and colder months, hello darker mornings and early evenings… It’s that time of the year again ~finally~ where I start to make a mental list of all the fun and AUTUMNAL things I want to do within the next 3 months or so as its literally the best time of the year!! I always love October till December as you get to be in full cosy mood, the leaves on the trees turn into a lovely orange-y/red colour and its all just a beautiful scene really. However, one thing I do dislike about these months is having to make it to a 9am lecture in THAT cold weather in the busiest tube ever at rush hour.. deffo not so fun and cosy in my opinion. Back to the more fun and autumnal things I want to get done this year, I feel like last year I couldn’t do much autumnal activities and days out as I hadn’t known what uni was going to be like, so I’m hoping i’ll make the most of these autumnal days this year!!

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These are my list of things I want to get done within the next couple months, hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below some of the stuff you want to get done this autumn!

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81 responses to “Autumn To-Do List”

  1. Wish I could do all these! They sound so exciting, good luck x

  2. I think this is such a super cute and easy to do list to make sure you do everything you wanna do in Autumn!

  3. If you love autumn you’ll love a PSL, you should defo get yourself down to Starbucks and grab one while you can!!

  4. This is totally inspiring me. I live Autumn so much. Can’t wait to see some of your Autumnal outfits!

  5. Lovely to do list! I want to do some more autumnal photoshoots too! I love autumn, so many colors!

  6. Batool says:

    This is such a cute post, I absolutely love it! I definitely want to burn as much autumn candles as I can and collect a few things for flatlays too!

  7. Such a good idea to make seasonal to do list, and so many cute things for you to do! Enjoy your Autumn! B x

  8. Such a great seasonal to do list! Pretty much all your list are things I plan to do as well haha. Thanks for sharing x

  9. glowsteady says:

    Hot chocolate and cosy smelling candles are some of the best things about this time of year. Confession time: I’ve never had a PSL either. Autumn fashion is my favourite too! x


  10. I love your photos in this post! I’m like you and love to bake particularly in autumn; it’s making me want to bake something right now 🙂
    Sarah x

  11. Aaliyah Hunt says:

    Really great Autumn to do list, Autumn is such a lovely time of year, I need to start collecting items for auntumal flat lays too! Going to be adding a few to my list x

  12. Aaliyah Hunt says:

    Such a lovely autumnal to do list, I love this time of year with all the gorgeous colours. I need to start collecting items for my flatlays too! Will be adding some of these to my list x

  13. Annie says:

    I miss autumn so much after reading your post. It’s spring where I live so it’s pretty warm outside which means I’ll probably be doing a lot of outdoor things these next few months. I still loved reading this post though!

  14. jadefnewman says:

    I may have to steal this list! I agree on burning as many autumnal candles as possible xx

  15. These are great ways to enjoy the season! I already got skull tea lights as well as a vanilla pumpkin latte candle which smells amazing

  16. Nancy says:

    I am loving the sound of Autumn! I love the whole autumn orangey vibes – especially with the seasonal foods and such. Good luck with your to-do list this season. You have to try out PSL for yourself! Some people don’t like it but don’t get turned down by that :).

    Nancy ♥

  17. I adore Autumn and you’ve just reminded me why! There are so many changes to this season and a lot of fun events come with it. I don’t think I’m going to stop over the next three months. There’s soo much I want to see and do. I wish youu the best of luck with your to do!

    Gemma |

  18. Gracie says:

    Aw such a fun little autumn to-do list!
    I also havent ever tried a PSL, thats on my autumn list too haha!

  19. John Aiwone says:

    Your Autumnal list looks really cool Ayse. Interesting to know what books you plan to read as I too myself need to do more reading.

    Hope you get to tick a lot of these off 🙂

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  20. theamalog says:

    Definitely need to try out PSL one of my favourite autumn drinks but because I’ve given up caffiene I am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions?

    With regards to London coffee place one of the most controvesial coffee shop near London Bridge is called fuc*coffee check it out it is real and quite instagrammable apprently 😉.

    Kaye –

  21. This is such a lovely to do list! I really hope you get everything done!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  22. Hanna Mai says:

    Great post! I love hot chocolate in autumn too, so much inspo in this list x

  23. Anne says:

    Aww this is to-do list is perfect! I love the photos and yes to burning all the autumn candles! I’ve never had a pumpkin spice either hahah, I’m terrified I’ll hate it x

    Happy Autumn!

    Anne //

  24. Abi says:

    I’m so happy to finally be getting my knitwear out again! Autumn is the best season, for sure!

  25. lifeathome says:

    I love to read these kind of post. To do list, planning, scheduling. Very well written . It made me feel so cozy

  26. Boxnip says:

    Autumn is such a great time to do things. Love your to-do list! 🙂

  27. Kathleen says:

    Sounds like a good list, burning a tonne of autumn candles is up there for me too!

  28. manderpantz says:

    Great post! Are you into hygge at all? Lots of the hygge way of living are related to your list 🙂

  29. I did an October bucket list a few days ago and was looking for inspiration to add a few more bits to it. I really liked the thinking about new years goals. I forget that we’re only three months away from the new year and that it’s time I start thinking about things to achieve in the new year.

    Shan |

  30. Trying a pumpkin spice latte is on my to do list this year too, I never have before but so many people talk about it I feel like it’s a fall right of passage or sonething.

  31. Getting great ideas to do in fall! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Cat says:

    Nice list! Hope you can achieve everything 🙂

  33. Sarah says:

    I basically want to do everything on your list haha. It’s all so cosy and fun! Definitely burn all the candles!! 🙂

  34. Love your photos. im gonna make it my mission to finally finish my yankee candle (the big one) ive had over a year so i can use my other ones hahaha

  35. CarlyTamara says:

    Your photos are lovely, they really scream autumnal vibes! The candle looks great, I love a good scented candle during Autumn and Winter. A follow up post would be really interesting in later months to see which of the list you actually done.

    Carly xx //

  36. So many great things xx

  37. bethemilydann says:

    I need to start baking again too! Perhaps I should write a list like this so I remember to do all the things I’ve thought of xx

  38. terriheckley says:

    My list is basically the exact same as yours haha! xx

  39. Good luck with your reading 🙂 Anything in particular on your TBR?
    I love your to do list. Autumn walks and hot drinks are the best.
    Cora |

  40. andlivloves says:

    Yes! Burn all the autumn candles! Also, don’t feel bad about being late to try the PSL! I just tried it for the first time last year and it was pretty great, but I think Starbucks has released better seasonal drinks!

    -Liv |

  41. Ellie says:

    I think zoe’s new book could quite possibly be the most instagrammable book ever right?!

    My recent post:

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