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After what feels like foreverrrrr I’m finally getting round to writing this blog post from my trip to Fethiye!! During my summer holiday me and my cousin took a little 5 day tour trip to Fethiye and it was by far the best holiday experience ever. We got to explore the many different islands and towns in Fethiye as well as learning the history behind many historical monuments. We actually went on a tour trip to Fethiye which meant we had a tour bus to travel around with and we also got to meet new people and make friends we also had a tour guide with us at all times. I would definitely recommend anyone to go on a tour trip if you want to explore a new city or country as it gives you the opportunity to visit and see many different parts of that place and also you get to learn the history of it too which is always very interesting. At the end of the day we would arrive at our hotel at around 8pm and by this time we would all be sooo tired and drained from walking/swimming that personally all I wanted was to sleep! Prepare for a lot of blue, oceans and flowers in this post (!!!!) 

                                                                   DAY 1 

The first day mainly consisted of actually travelling to Fethiye from Izmir so we didn’t actually full on explore and look around however we did visit 2 places. Firstly we stopped off at Şirince Village to have breakfast at a cute café and to look around the area. Şirince is a small village filled with small shops and restaurants selling handmade gifts and souvenirs. Şirince is famous for its black mulberry which is a fruit that’s very similar to a blackberry and it’s used to make jams, ice creams, syrup but mainly wine! After we had breakfast at Şirince we had an hour to ourselves to explore the area and buy any little bits and bobs that were sold. I just brought myself a postcard for my travel journal. 

After we were done at Şirince, we went to the Iztuzu Beach at Dalyan. Iztuzu Beach is one of the best beaches I have ever seen and it’s very popular too! The sand grains are super tiny and feels so soft under the feet. As for the seawater, I was pretty surprised when I had a swim as it’s soooo warm and the water doesn’t actually burn when in contact with your eyes. I personally hate it when the seawater is cold as I just don’t think it’s fun and I can’t make the most of it. However Iztuzu beach is the total opposite, so warm, so lovely, so fun! 

                                                                    DAY 2 

The first place we visited on the second day was Kayaköy Antique Buildings. After arriving at Kayaköy with our tour bus, to get to th actual antique buildings we had to trek up a small hill. Kayaköy is filled with old historical buildings that was once schools and houses that people lived in. However as far as I can remember from what our tour guide told us the schools were separated into a boys and girl school due to the rules in that area during the olden days.

Later on for the rest of the day we were on a boat trip and visited 4 different islands and had an hour to swim at each one. This was my first ever proper boat trip experience and I could easily say it was just amazing, music blasting, dancing, soaking up the sun, eating good food, IT WAS JUST LUSH (!!!) The first island we visited was Kızılada, and this is where I had a proper swim, and by this time we had made friends with couple of people from our tour group. Next we visited Tavşan Ada, Yazsıcalar Kaşık Ada and Katrancı Ada. I didn’t take my phone out and photograph every island we were at as it would of been quite the effort leaving the boat taking a photo and leaving my phone back in the boat and plus I wanted to make the most of the time we were there. 

                                                                    DAY 3

On this day we basically did the same thing as the previous day, we were on a boat trip for majority of the time and did some exploring of Ölüdeniz and the islands we visited. Visiting Ölüdeniz was by far the favourite place we went to as I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s one of those places that was on my bucket list and I’m so happy that I finally got to see it. During that boat trip we visited Mavi Mağara, Nikolas, Kelebekler Vadisi, Aquarium Koyu, Soğuk Su Koyu and Camel Beach (Deve Plaji). Each of these islands were as beautiful as one another and we again had an hour at each island to have a swim and chill out. 

Once we arrived at Ölüdeniz we had an hour to ourselves to explore and look around the area and buy some souvenirs. I actually brought some cute bits from here like coasters and gifts for friends and family. Ölüdeniz is filled with loads of restaurants, cafes and cute shops. I was surprised that literally every single restaurant and cafe was introduced and written in English, which leads onto my next point that I saw sooo many British people, literally more than there is actually Turkish people there, which is amazing as Fethiye and Ölüdeniz is actually a tourist attraction. 

                                                                DAY 4

On Thursday so on the fourth day of tour we visited the Saklıkent Canyon which is a river where there’s cold water flowing through with rocks on the ground. We had to walk through the cold water and when I mean cold I mean freezing in order to get to the other side of the river where you then just walk through a canyon which had large rocks on either side and on the grounds too. At one point during that walk through the river water I actually thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it as it was that cold and hard as the water have you chills through your body! After the canyon we went on another boat trip, however this boat was smaller than the other ones and to be honest the weather conditions were SO bad at the sea, that the whole journey from one island to another was super wavy that we had to cling onto the seats and not to even mention that I got superrr wet, that it literally looked like someone poured a bucket of water on me! Those couple hours on the boat was definitely an adventure for us and an experience that I’m pretty sure we all would not forget. 

After the boat trip and that crazy experience we visited Kekova and Kaş (Antiphellos). We only stayed in Kekova for about half an hour as there wasn’t much there, there was a little area where women sold hand made anklets and bracelets. 

Next up we went to Kaş, this is a town full of shops, cafes, restaurants, vintage stores and super cute olden houses that are now turned into book stores and little shops. We had an ice cream break here and this honestly was the best one I had ever, it was so tasty! We walked around the streets of this cute town, took loads of photos, went in and out of little shops and I was also snapping some pictures with my Polaroid camera here and there! 

                                                                 DAY 5 

Friday was our last day on tour and also being in Fethiye too. We visited many little towns and couple more islands and a lake. We first went to Göcek which is a small town part of Dalaman which has souvenir shops, markets and cute cafes. Göcek was a really cute place and it’s described as a more posh area of Fethiye. We didn’t have much long here’s do there wasn’t really much to do we just walked around the area and took a bunch of photos. After Göcek we had a small boat trip around the islands and we visited Sedir Adası. This place is known as a historical museum as there is an old theatre at the place but there is also a lovely beach. I didn’t personally go to look at the theatre as I wasn’t really that interested in it and I wanted to spend time at the beach. 

After we were done at Sedir Adası, we went on a mini boat trip and visited Zeytinlik Koyu and Lacivert Koyu islands. Last but not least we visited Azmak Çayı, which is a long lake going through the greenery forestry and there was restaurants and cafes on one side which would of been amazing to sit and eat with a breath-taking view. However we didn’t have time to do that as this was our last destination then we had to set off back to Izmir. Azmak Çayı was soo lovely and water was so clear that you could see the fishes in the lake! 

This Fethiye trip was definitely the highlight of my entire summer holiday and I’m super happy that I got to visit all these amazing places and also met the loveliest people and made friends with them. This truly was an amazing experience and a super chill yet super fun holiday. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know down below in the comments where you went this summer! Thank you so much for reading! 

Ayse Merve! 


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  1. All your photos are stunning and the places look great! I would love to visit too! Glad to read you had a great time! xx corinne

  2. Fethiye is beautiful! From the images, I can tell the climate must be gorgeous!

  3. I was looking at going last year but then my plans changed! It looks beautiful so I will deffo look at going here maybe next year now! great photos

  4. Faisal says:

    Great post. Never even heard of the place before reading the blog but feel like I want to go now. Some stunning pics too!

  5. jolipapier says:

    Love the pictures- beautiful place. I really want that ice cream; looks so gooood!

  6. kekoaskorner says:

    I loved the pictures you took and it looks like it was beautiful! I bet it’s been already months since you were on holiday. Hope you could save the warmth for the cold months now 😀

  7. Awesome photo you have shared here, Thanks a lot for sharing it because it make myself to love.

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