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This should come as a no surprise that I love all things organisation and planning. I love being organised within my day to day life, when I’m at uni and with my blog as well. I believe that, in order to be fairly organised you need to have a good sense of planning skills. In this post I wanted to share my top tips on how to stay organised within your day to day life, you can apply these tips in any environment and workplace; such as uni, work, home.

1. Know your priorities

I can’t stress this enough when it comes to trying to get stuff done and being productive, you should know what your priorities are so that you are getting the work that has the closest deadline done and out the way as soon as possible. Knowing your priorities can be for your uni assignments, such as the deadline for each one, and working towards the one that is due the closest. I highly recommend making some sort of document at the beginning of the academic year (September/October) that clearly shows all of your assignments for that whole academic year with the deadlines, and pinning it somewhere you could see everyday and even transferring it to your technological devices. Other than school/college and uni, priorities can come in when you are in paid work such as knowing when your shifts are, the date your getting paid – so you can checkout that ASOS basket when you actually have money in hand lol – and lastly within your day to day lifestyle. Within your day to day lifestyle, your priorities can include when your bills and payments are due, if you have a particular appointment, cleaning your house and what day to meet up with your pals. Knowing your priorities is important as you can work towards the most vital one.

2. Give yourself enough time for each task

I do sometimes forget this when it comes to blogging and uni work, but giving yourself enough time to complete each task is very important so you do not spend 1 hour on one task that could be done in 20 minutes and vice versa. As stated above, knowing your priority task and then planning out a rough schedule and giving yourself enough time to complete that task can be handy in both long term and short term.

3. Set time limits for tasks

This point kind of contradicts the previous one but in order to stay organised you need to set yourself strict time frames for the tasks you want to complete. Previously I mentioned that giving yourself enough time roughly is important, but after doing that you should set yourself strict time frames (and try to stick to it lol) so that you can get done as much as work as possible in your given time frame. For example, if on a Monday you know you want to do some blog work, such as shooting pictures and writing a blog post, you’d roughy set yourself couple hours aside for the whole thing so the whole ‘blog work’. Next you’d set yourself strict time frames for each small task that is involved, such as 1 hour for shooting the images, 45 minutes for editing and exporting the images and another hour for writing the blog post. This way you know roughly how long you will spend your day doing blog work but also know precisely how long you will spend on each sub task. This obviously isn’t just applicable for blogging and blog work, you can easily substitute it for revision, uni assignments and so on.

4. Keep a bullet journal/diary

This is probably a no brainier that keeping some sort of diary will come in pretty handy when your tryna get organised with your *stuff*!!! I currently use a bullet journal for literally anything and everything. I use my bullet journal for uni work, planning out my blog posts, shopping wish lists, keeping track of my stats, lists, finances and anything in between to be honest. If bullet journaling isn’t for you (as it can get quiet stressful when planning it all out) then a more simpler notepad will deffo work for you, to make your lists of tasks to get done. Also I’m a huge list maker for everything as it’s so easy to work with, I have a blog post on lists as well and why it’s so useful and you can read it HERE!!!

5. Plan ahead

This point links in with the ‘give yourself enough time for each task’ as planning way ahead of yourself comes in very handy when the time comes. This is applicable for uni assignments and revision as if you have an assignment due in during your half term breaks, which means your likely not going to have any lectures or seminars during holiday so you won’t be going to uni as well. So therefore, planning ahead and gathering the books/readings you need for that assignment that’s due in during the holidays will be useful as it will save you the time to make a trip to uni during holiday, this way you will have started to prep for that assignment too. Again this method is applicable for everything that is relevant for you and your day to day life.

These are all of the tips that I use in order to stay organised and planned for everything. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and comment down below if you use any of these tips as well.

Ayse Merve! x


46 responses to “How To Stay Organised”

  1. I have adhd so I need a little more organization that other people and I’ve been suuper interested in bullet journaling! It’s true though, that I find it extremely intimidating to start haha maybe sometime this year when I finish my current regular journal. Awesome post though! Thanks for the tips 😊❀

  2. These are great tips! I can’t wait to start uni in September so I can buy a fancy looking planner I will actually use! Right now I just have to do lists everywhere!!!!

  3. Love what you said about your bullet journal, I totally agree! Thanks for sharing!

  4. ofbeautyand says:

    Lists and spreadsheets help me stay organised x

  5. fayejessica says:

    Planning ahead is so important for me, I need to be organised for almost all situations. These tips really helped.

    Faye Jessica |

  6. Gemma Louise says:

    I’m terrible for planning ahead but when I do it makes me feel so productive and like I’ve got my shit together!

  7. Tyas says:

    I have never tried setting time limits for doing my tasks, even if I know I work best when there’s a deadline. Might try this now as I’m working on my paper! Thanks for sharing these useful tips 😊

    Tyas x

  8. I tried using a bullet journal in the past, but I always ended up forgetting about it! I think it’s time I tried to use one again! xx

    Brooke |

  9. Love these tips! The best way is to sit down and plan everything x

    Joyce Lau

  10. Miriam H. says:

    Loved this post! Right now I am so busy that I need organization badly! πŸ˜‚

    Thanks for sharing!

    Miriam |

  11. This is so useful. I’ve revamped my planning system recently and I second giving yourself a time limit for each task. I use Google timer and it really helps lock me in the zone. Otherwise I drift off in to the social media void before I know it πŸ˜…

  12. jennyrose says:

    First of all, I adore the photos in this post – sets such a cosy vibe! I totally agree with all these tips. I’m terrible with diaries and journals, but I tend to keep everything in my notes and reminders apps instead.
    jenny x |

  13. I am such a sucker for organisation and anything stationery!! I love this post and the pictures too!
    xxx Lauren

  14. I’m in love with the aesthetics of these photos ❀️I have a Moleskin planner which I’m super in love with, especially because on the left page you have the days of the week and on the left a regular lined page, so I can write my weekly to do lists down there πŸ™‚ Great post! I always love reading about the different ways people organise πŸ˜€

  15. All of these are great tips! I love to be organised, but I’ve been slacking recently because I have way too much to do and it’s super overwhelming xo

    Char |

  16. Sakshi Raina says:

    These are such awesome tips, made me think back to my college days when I used to plan and schedule to be organised. Now, I just go with the flow. Gotta change.

  17. Rasya says:

    I love being organized (more like I love buying cute planners LOL). I’ve started working and having a planner is a great help in making my schedule and insanity intact.

    Great tips x

    x Rasya |

  18. Wow I needed this, haha. Especially with college starting again. Very helpful , as well as, pleasing to the eye. J’adore!

  19. I recently just got a bullet journal! They’re so much fun!

  20. Laura says:

    Hello dear, thanks for sharing your organisation tips! Really useful, my life feels like chaos hahaha I think I need to start writing things down.

    Laura /

  21. I need to get myself a bullet journal. I feel like that would help me a ton πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» All your supplies are so cute! Great ideas here girl. Thanks for sharing!

  22. aysemervedemir says:

    Thank you so much!

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