My Autumn Checklist 


It’s currently November and we’re well into Autumn so this post might be a little late howeverrrrr i started university last month and it all got very hectic very quickly hence why i couldn’t blog at all last month! Nevertheless i’m finally putting up an autumnal post and i’m veryyyy excited about it.
Seeing as it’s autumn aka my FAVEEE time of the year I always have a list of stuff i want to do, places to go etc etc around this time of the year, here i’ll be sharing them and hopefully i’ll get as much of it done!

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post, this is my autumn list and what are some of yours?
Ayse Merve! 


8 responses to “My Autumn Checklist ”

  1. I want to do all the things on your list….except the drawing, I’m rubbish at drawing and I have been burning candles every day!

  2. Katie Henry says:

    Love this so much! Some amazing things to do while autumn lasts. Mine was to wear more sweaters and drink a wider ranger of teas, both which I completed

  3. Julia says:

    All of these sound so nice, the fall photo shoot and the baking especially.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    I love this! an autumn checklist that is applicable to the year! i defo want to read more books! xx corinne

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