Summer Travel Skincare 2017

I’ve recently come back from my summer holiday from Turkey and I wanted to do this post before I actually flew to Turkey and to briefly talk about what skincare products I will take on holiday with me. However I didn’t get the chance to, so I thought I’ll do it for after I come back from holiday as I will actually be able to…

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Ayvalık Photo Diary 2017

Welcome back! It's been a while since I've posted on my blog and that is because I have been on holiday! I went to Turkey for 3 weeks with my family, to the beach and also to visit family as well! Least to say these 3 weeks in Turkey has been lush, full of sunshine beach days and happiness (!!!) I could easily say I…

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10 Healthy Habits For A Better Lifestyle 

 “The greatest wealth is health” I am a huge believer of this quote and for me positivity and happiness will only come to you if you decide to make changes for a better lifestyle! These changes might take long to adjust to and get used to, or some may be more easier than others. However in the long run they are definitely going to…

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Alexandra Palace || Let’s Explore 

Here’s to another rambling, exploring and photography filled post! The weather in London the past few weeks has been glorious and filled with blue skies and sunshine.. which only meant one thing GET OUT AND EXPLORE (!!) Me and my family decided to head down to Alexandra Palace as that is the exact place to chill, explore, yet still have a bit of fun! Firstly…

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About Ayse Merve

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