current skincare routine

This post contains affiliate links (denoted by a ‘*’) and gifted items (denoted by ‘gifted’). I’m finally getting round to writing a blog post on my current skincare routine and the products I use. I always switch up my skincare routine depending on my skins needs at that moment and any active breakouts I have. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been sticking to this…

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autumn rituals

As we are coming to the end of November, the autumnal season is also swiftly fading away and winter is making an appearance, to be honest it definitely has with the cold crisp weather we are getting lately! I wanted to dedicate a blog post on my autumnal rituals that I have been doing for the past couple years! Change up bedroom interiors. Autumn and…

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how to implement self care elements into your daily routine

As the days have become shorter and so much darker, its easy to feel a bit ‘meh’ and not wanting to do anything productive and useful for yourself. It’s very easy to get into that slump with this cold and dreadful weather we have. However, knowing how to implement little bits of self care elements into your daily routines will help get you out of…

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art galleries and coffee

On Sunday, I wanted to have a day of visiting art galleries and strolling around London, so we had a trip to Tate Modern museum. I hadn’t visited an art gallery in a while, and had been seeing quiet a few people visiting Tate lately on Instagram. I also thought it’d be a great way of getting some inspiration for some blog posts, insta content…

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About Ayse Merve

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