the october edit

As we’ve approached a new month, I wanted to start doing little monthly roundups and edits, of how the past month went for me, what I did and some things to achieve this month! October has been bit of a busy month but also chill in some areas, it felt like ‘the calm before the storm’ type of month, whereby the storm will happen in…

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sunday plans

Sunday’s are always the day I look forward for during the week, as its possibly my favourite day of the week. I see it as a day of rest, relaxation and just chill. I like to have a slow sunday doing the bare minimum. Wanted to a write a post dedicated to how I like to spend my Sundays and this may spark some ideas…

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Saturday in Hampstead

Yesterday, we went to explore Hampstead for the day, a place I’ve been seeing pop up here and there a lot on Instagram and Pinterest as it’s the perfect place to go during Autumn and Winter. It was raining the whole day, which was a shame as we couldn’t put the umbrellas down not once, but nevertheless it gave it a nice autumnal feel to…

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the autumn playlist 2019

I’m back with another playlist blog post after ages of not doing one. This one I wanted to share my autumn playlist, that will probably will be on repeat the next few months. There’s tracks on there that I like to play while getting stuff done that are more calming and slow and also ones that are more uplifting and gets you in the mood.…

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About Ayse Merve

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