Product Empties #1 


Recently I’ve been obsessed with watching product empties videos on YouTube, simply because these types of videos are a great way to share your real opinions on a product and if you actually enjoyed using it, also it’s just very satisfying seeing someone use up a product to the very last drop. So I thought I can get away with doing a blog post on my product empties, I have been collecting items and products for the past 2 months now and before it got too much I thought I’d do a product empties post quickly discussing my fave products and my opinion on them briefly. In this post I don’t have a lot of makeup products it’s mostly skincare, as I haven’t actually worn a lot of makeup lately and it does take quite the bit of time to get through a makeup product, it’s majority skincare and this actually shows that I have taken care of my skin lately! I will be making these posts a series and as I get through products I shall collect them and write a post on it, I find these types of posts/videos very interesting and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! 

1. Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner 

This is probably my tenth bottle or something ever since I started using it couple years back, this is one of my holy grail products. It’s super easy to use, gentle on the skin and actually leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s a very easy product to use, you apply it to a cotton pad, tap it into your skin morning or night and that’s it! I use it both morning and night,but I find that in the morning it gives more hydration to the skin and actually wakes me up! Love this product (!!!) 

2.  The Body Shop ‘Moringa’ Shower Gel 

I took this shower gel on holiday with me as it’s the perfect travel size. It smells great, it has a sweet vanilla scent to it that’s not too sickly. It’s a handy size that fit in my makeup bag when traveling, it’s a shower gel that does the job there’s not really much to say about it tbh!! 

3. Clearly Youthful Resurfacing Night Serum 

This was the very first product that made it into my product empties box. I purchased this from Superdrug but I believe this brand is discontinued and they do not sell it anymore. This was the first night serum I used, it felt very tacky and moisturising on the skin and it gave an instant glow when I applied it! At the time I really enjoyed using it, and in the morning my skin felt very soft and silky. I would of repurchased it, if it was still produced and that actually shows that I really enjoyed it! 

4. Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick 

This product is probally the best thing I have used for my spots, it works wonders! I use this morning and night on any blemishes or spots I have and within the next 2 days they disappear leaving zero marks whatsoever! It’s in a stick form, you twist it from the bottom and pop it on your spots, it’s very cold and feels hydrating when you apply it on. I already brought another one of this product and I can already tell this will feature in my monthly favourites!! 

5/6/7. The next three products are body sprays, which 2 of them are from Avon and that other pink one is from Primark! I’ve had these sprays for a long time but never got round to using them, however I used them as room sprays and the scents was too strong as a body spray in my opinion and so they worked great as a room spray! 

8.  Soap And Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub 

I didn’t actually buy this, I received this from Lucy and Lydia’s meetup at Beautycon with other products from this range! This body scrub is veryyy runny and liquid-y so therefore it only lasted me a couple uses. It has a very strong sweet lime scent which may be too sickly for some people but it’s one of my fave scents in body products! This body scrub leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised. However it’s not one that I would repurchase as I have tried better ones before. 

9. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

This is my favourite concealer for under the eyes and on any spots, it works great, the formula is amazing. I always repurchase it, it’s affordable! As you can see from the image above the writing has completely wiped off as I had it for a wee while, I go through these concealer every 2/3 months depends on how much I use! 

10. Garnier Skin Active Honey Mask 

Recently Garnier came out with these new masks, they also have them in different formulas and scents (does scent even make sense basically different ingredients). I’m not quiet sure if I like this mask, I feel like with face masks you should use it a couple times before gives your opinion on it. However my first impressions of this is that it left my skin soft as soon as a washed it off but that smoothness only stayed for couple hours. The texture of that mask it’s a yellowish creamy formula. On the packaging it says to apply to the face and leave on for 15 minutes then massage the resedue into your skin, however my skin didn’t soak up any product in that 15 minutes anyway so I was massaging the product into my skin for a good 20 minutes and you could see it slowly dissolving into the skin, but I gave up and washed it off in the end. This mask has good short term effects onto the skin however I will not be purchasing it again. 

11. Madagascan Vanilla Reed Diffuser 

I brought this reed diffuser from primark, as the name suggests it smells of vanilla, it’s not too sickly it’s a nice soft scent. It’s a reed diffuser there’s not really much to say about it, it’s great and done the job! 

12. Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue Concealer 

Now I’m obsessed with Bourjois foundations and when they released a Concealer from the same healthy mix range I had to try it out! This is my new favourite concealer, it works great on spots and under the eyes, it’s a medium coverage but even like that it’s enough coverage for me. It comes with a little applicator which makes it easy to use, the packaging is super cute it’s basically a mini foundation bottle. As for the price it’s a little pricey for a drugstore concealer its £8.99 but it definitely is worth the price and I will sure be re-purchasing this product! 

13. Clearly Youthful Blemish Treatment Gel 

This product is not actually finished but I’ve had it for a while, it didn’t work for my spots so I thought I’d throw it away. But the reason I’m putting it in my product empties is because I used it for couple months and it didn’t give great results like the Witch stick I mentioned earlier. In order for this to give results you would have to use it for couple weeks and it would give slow results which I didn’t like as it’s a spot and I’d wanted it to be gone asap! 

14. Superdrug Cleansing Facial Wipes 

I’ve been using these makeup wipes for couple years now, it works great for my skin it’s not drying at all. I don’t use this to take off my makeup when I have a full face, just if I have a simple couple products on my face, or when doing my makeup to wipe of that swatches on my hand. Makeup wipes are a staple in a makeup collection these work great for me! 

15. Emporio Armani Diamonds Body Lotion 

I received this body lotion in a gift set with a perfume but used up the perfume long time ago. This was a very runny body lotion and it has a veryyy strong fragrance to it which isn’t my favourite to be honest, it was moisturising and it did the job. I won’t purchase it again though. 

16. Simple Eye Makeup Remover 

This stuff is amazing, it’s great at removing your eye makeup in seconds!! You just need to apply some onto a cotton pad, place over the eyelid and press down for couple seconds and swipe off and your eye makeup instantly comes off, it does remove waterproof mascara but you just need to rub your lashes a little bit with tha cotton pad! It’s an easy product and such good price as well! Definitely a great product! 

Hope you enjoyed this product empties post, I will do one of these every couple months once I have collected enough products! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these products and your opinions on them! 

Ayse Merve! 


23 responses to “Product Empties #1 ”

  1. So many empties. And such a great post idea! i should do it too although I don’t use many products so it be a really short post ahah! I wanted to buy the garnier mask but i may not now. i prefer long term benefits! xx corinne

  2. Jamie Bates says:

    Soap and Glory Sugar Crush is one of my favourite smells of all time and the scrub is my favourite from the range. I would definitely agree that its a little on the runny side though xx

  3. RealNess says:

    Yes to the Simple Toner. I have this too and it is superb!!!

    Vanessa x

  4. You have a lot of empties here, hehe. I’m with you on the face wipes (so useful with a child) and the Simple eye make up remover. I haven’t used any of the others but the Witch blemish stick is one I will be trying, thank you for the recommendation X

    Lisa |

  5. Such a great post, you’ve got a lot of different range products there and he’ll of a lot of empties which is really good and it’s great to see opions like you said, through these posts/videos

    Jessica & James | /

  6. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    I’ve just used up a package of my favorite eyebrow kit, and it really is extra satisfying to finish off something you’ve bought! It’s so fun to see what you liked enough to use it to the last drop, too!


  7. You’ve inspired me to do an empties blog post!!! 💗

  8. I always get my wipes from Superdrug! They’re so affordable and they’re often on offer as well, it’s so good that they do different wipes for different skin types as well. I love the Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub, it smells heavenly and makes me feel so soft. I need to invest in some more x


  9. Charlotte says:

    Empties posts have to be one of my favourite types of blog posts to read and write as it’s dedication to finish a whole product up so you definitely get the truth behind whether a product is good or not! That Witch blemish stick sounds amazing! The Bourjois concealer is tiny considering the price you pay but I suppose it’s worth it
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

    • Yes definitely i agree i love using up a product and writing up about it! The witch blemish stick is amazing for spots! The bourjois concealer was pricey but i defo got my money’s worth out of it! Thank you so much! x

  10. I’m buying the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer ASAP (they don’t sell it here) but Im glad you liked it! Everyone seems to love it and I’m so excited to try it too!
    I love reading these posts and I’m actually saving all my empty products to do one of them myself haha

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