the november edit


We’re officially only 28 days away from the big 2020, which feels so surreal saying it! I’m aiming to make these monthly edit blog posts into a regular thing on the blog, so here is the november edit!

Some things I’ve done this month:

– November was a very busy month in terms of uni and assignment deadlines and so will the first 2 weeks of December! This meant I spent a lot of time trying to work through the deadlines and getting stuff done!

– I visited the Tate gallery and had a wander around the area which was so nice. I hadn’t been to Tate in a very long time, so it was great getting some inspiration from the art work there.

– Worked with couple brands on some collaborations on Instagram which was so so lovely. I feel like I’ve finally started to dip my toes into the blogging world of working with brands, which is just so nice and a great experience.

– Read ‘Everything I never told you’ by Celeste Ng. I’ve been desperately trying to read through all of the books on my bookshelf for the past couple weeks so I can finally buy some books that has been on my to be read list for January! It was an okay book, wasn’t my favourite read as, the first three quarters of the book just dragged on and the actual storyline of the booked been explained, solved and found out in the last quarter!

Some things I’d like to do in December:

– Buy a blog theme and hosting. I’ve been doing a lot of research on blog themes and hosting and domains, and I’ve finally decided which ones I’m going to go for. In December I’m planning to buy those and design my blog for its new look and I’m so excited for this!

– Buy the books I want to read in January!

– Go winter wonderland!

– Do some festive activities in London!


16 responses to “the november edit”

  1. Rachel says:

    Awesome! I too just changed my blog theme after two-ish years of having the same one. I know pipdig themes are a bit on the more expensive side but I love all the customization I can do and customer service! I want to read Everything I Never Told You as I quite liked Little Fires Everywhere! Happy holidays x

    Rachel ||

  2. Farzanah Fazeel says:

    Yes..I’m still finding it hard to believe that 2019 is almost over!
    And congratulations on creating a new look for your blog. I’m sure that it’s gonna look great 🙂

    Much Love,
    Farzanah Mohamed ♥️

  3. jmsauca says:

    Sounds like November was a very good month for you! Glad to hear it 🙂 I hope to go to Winter Wonderland in December too!


  4. Nancy says:

    It is great that you got a lot done during November! Pretty cool that you got to do a collab! Good luck with all of your goals for December. It is so important to invest in your blog :).

    Nancy ♥

  5. Sounds like you have had a great November, congratulations on working with brands on Instagram 😃. I hope you enjoyed the Tate Gallery. Thank you for sharing x

  6. Aah I’ve wanted to visit The Tate for so long but am yet to get round to it. I’m hoping to go in the new year! I feel like 2019 has absolutely flown by and can’t believe we’re so close to the end of it. Huge congratulations on your collaborations and I’d definitely recommend going self-hosted. It gives you so much more freedom 🙂
    Alice Xx

  7. glowsteady says:

    Good luck with your switch to becoming self hosted, it’s definitely worth the investment and I’m sure the theme you’ve chosen is beautiful! I hope you’re not too stressed with your deadlines and have some time to relax later in the month! x


  8. Melina Elisa says:

    Seems like you got a lot done in November! I’m the worst when it comes to not buying books! I have so many, that I’ve been trying to read a lot of them before buying new ones! I haven’t read that book before, so I’m definitely going to check it out xxx

    Melina |

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