the twenty nineteen edit


It’s currently the 26th of December and as I’m writing this there’s 5 days till 2020, which means it’s time to do the yearly roundup on here! I always love reflecting back onto my goals and to see which I’ve achieved and which ones I haven’t and why.

Some of my 2019 goals:

Read more books: I’ve managed to successfully read my goal of 20 books this year and actually on the 25th now, which is so good! I love reading and used to read loads a couple years ago but fell out of it when I started uni, thanks to all the assignments and essays. Since then I’ve managed to rekindle my love for reading and make time wherever possible to read, I’m actually going to write a blogpost on how I manage to find time to read in the new year!

Plan a nice summer holiday: I’ve managed to plan the said summer holiday and actually have the best time on it as well, if you’ve been following me on Instagram then you would have seen the influx of pictures of my summer holiday, it was lush! I go to Turkey every summer with my family as an annual holiday and from there, I go to short vacation trips with my cousins to different parts of Turkey which is always so much fun!

Start learning French and be ahead of uni deadlines: I started off the year so good by starting to learn French and then it all went downhill from there as my uni got busy and summer went in the way! Also I actually was on top of my uni deadlines which is always good!

Create content I love for my instagram and blog: I can whole-heartedly say that this year was the year I found my style in terms of content creation both for my blog and instagram! I didn’t force things if I didn’t feel like it, I found my photography style on Instagram and managed to grow my instagram a little from there!

Reflections on twenty-nineteen:

As I mentioned above, I found my style of photography and also writing blog posts too! I realised that I enjoy writing posts about lifestyle topics and well-being. I realised that I also enjoy short and snappy blog posts but also chatty long ramble-y ones like these too, that are about a specific topic! I started integrating more fashion related content on my blog and instagram and the feedback from you guys were incredible and mentioned you enjoy seeing more style/outfit related content!

2019 was the year I got into film photography and I am SO glad I did as I love it with a passion!! I want to do another separate blog post on this in the new year, but I basically started shooting on disposable cameras first, some turned out really bad; over-exposed or really dark, couldn’t find the in between! I decided to try on a point and shoot camera and loved the outcome so took my film camera and heck loads of film on holiday with me during summer and took loadsss of photos then and was really happy with the outcome when I got them developed later on! I now purchased my 2nd film camera which is more fiddly but I’m enjoying this experimental stage of film photography!

This year I also managed to hop onto the world of brand deals and worked with a couple amazing brands on paid work, which was such a lovely experience. After being paid from those brand deals, I decided I wanted to invest that money into my blog and purchased a blog theme and my own domain to go self-hosted in the new year with a brand new blog design, which I’m so excited for!

These were some of the highlights of my 2019, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, comment down below some of the highlights from this year for you!

Ayse Merve x


20 responses to “the twenty nineteen edit”

  1. Such a great post! Glad to hear you achieved some of your goals for the year – reading more books is on my list for 2020 so hopefully I’ll be able to do as well as you have! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely year, hope this year is a good one too! xxx

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh man, can’t believe 2020 is around the corner. It is great that you read more books than what your goal noted! Oh man, I know that feeling of wanting to learn something but things got in the way. Hope 2020 will be an amazing year!

    Nancy ♥

  3. priya says:

    Congrats on achieving your goals and making such a great attempt at meeting them all!! Hope 2020 is just as successful for you xx

  4. Yasmin says:

    i love reflecting on the year that’s gone!

  5. I loved reading this and was so nice to hear all you did and achieved this year! Wishing you an amazing 2020!!

    Han |

  6. glowsteady says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a great year! Congratulations on completing most of your goals and some great opportunities. I hope you do just as well with your 2020 goals x


  7. I managed to read my goal amount of books too! I was so happy when I achieved it!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  8. Lellalee says:

    So many wonderful things you have achieved this year! Your photos are amazing – so glad you found your photography style! xxx

  9. Melissa Kacar says:

    Congratulations on all of your achievements this year! That’s great you found your blogging style, I’m excited to see more posts from you in 2020! I also love film photography, I have a Polaroid that I take everywhere with me and have collected so many great photos over the years! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year! 🙂

  10. Khadija says:

    Best of luck for your goals! Have a blessed 2020! <3

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