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As daunting as it sounds, 2020 is quiet literally round the corner! There is just over 3 months left for the new year and I had the time to reflect back onto my goals and things i wanted to do and achieve this year. I’m glad to say that i have managed tick of majority of those goals, which is so nice. I’ll leave a link to my 2019 goals blog post here, in case you want to have a read. I’ve added a few new things onto the things i want to do by 2020.

autumn scrapbook – no surprise that I love scrapbooking, especially in summer to document my travels and bits and bobs I collect on the way. I really want to do a nice, cute one during autumn, as it will definitely have a more different and cosy feel to it.

explore a new area of London – I live in London and love exploring the areas of it, so making it my goal to find somewhere new this autumn and explore it.

read 8 more books – my initial goal for 2019 was to read 20 books, which I have accomplished last week so I am extending that goal and adding 8 more to the list.

think creatively – I love all things creative and creating art of all sorts, and I want to implement these aspects into my day to day life too, whether it be the type of content i create for instagram and my blog or throughout my day to day life.

explore more of film photography – this year I delved into the world of analogue/film photography and oh my I am so happy I did. It is such a joy shooting on film; with the different films, lighting and camera. I currently own a Pentax Espio 738G and have used disposable cameras in the past, but I really want to grow my film camera collection and own a Olympus Mju II – a cult blogger classic – and also shoot with different films.

create content that is appealing to me – there is nothing worse than creating content that you don’t enjoy and for the last couple weeks, I’ve been loving the content I’ve been putting out on my insta and want to carry it on. I also want to challenge myself and get into creating mini vidoes here and there that give off a film vibe. I actually created a short video for instagram showing a perfect autumn day and i loved editing and filming that and the response to it was really nice too, so want to keep creating more of those.

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7 responses to “things to do before 2020”

  1. It may seem daunting thinking about 2020 but they are nice little goals that you can realistically do. Good Luck x

  2. Congrats on reaching most of your 2019 goals! Love your insta feed 😍😍

    Rashidah x

  3. Love the added goals. I definitely agree about exploring more of London, there are so many hidden gems to discover. Hope you achieve all your goals girl!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

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