staying at home

I loved the way the previous blog post turned out and wanted to do these visual diary posts more often, as it’s a nice way of documenting what I get unto during these quarantine days.…

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on the reading list #3

During this quarantine, I was able to get back into reading just like a lot of people. I always love reading but once I stop for a week or two, it just stays like that and I don’t end up picking a book up again. I’ve recently finished a big 500 page turkish book (Serenad – Livaneli) which really helped me get back into reading…

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time at home

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on the blog, quite a few weeks to be honest! After I came back from my mini trip in February I feel like I lost my motivation to create blog posts and then with the global pandemic hitting, it all just went downhill. After reading quite a few blog posts this week, I realised I missed creating…

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Izmir Photo Diary | February

About 2 weeks ago I spontaneously decided to go to Izmir, Turkey for just over a week, for a little trip away and a break from London. This is probably the most spontaneous I’ve ever been as I actually booked my flight tickets whilst in my seminar lol! I was in Izmir for 9 days and it was such a nice little trip away! I…

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Winter layering

We are well and truly still winter, so I thought it’d be appropriate to dedicate a post to winter layering! Winter is my least favourite season, as its just cold, wet and grey! When it comes to my outfits, I choose comfort and warmth over anything, which is where winter layering comes in. I prefer layering shirts and tees under jumpers for that extra warmth…

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