April/May on Film 2019


I’ve snapped some shots here and there when out and about in London from the last weeks of April till the beginning of May! I used a Kodak Fun Saver disposable camera for this and I LOVE the way they turned out!


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  1. Allegra Caro says:

    I LOVE these pictures, the edition is flawless and you are truly talented. London seems dull in most pictures out there but you gave it some character. I will love to see more of your work. Best regards!

  2. Wow I love them! So nice shots! I would really love to try using film!

  3. Amy says:

    I LOVE these photos! Especially the street photos and the ones of flowers/trees. Such an interesting take on London photography.

    Amy x

  4. Zarah says:

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    Zarah (zarahharris.com)

  5. Fab pictures! I love the effect a film camera gives, makes them all look dreamy! x

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