Best Beauty Buys of 2017


It’s finally December which means 2018 is literally round the corner. I am SO ready for a fresh start, new year and new things to look forward for! These past 12 months I have tried a fair few amounts of beauty products ranging from, skincare to makeup to body products and I have most definitely found my favourites and products that I know I will purchase again! In this post I will be sharing with you my top beauty buys of 2017 which I thoroughly enjoyed using.



This foundation is the best foundation that I have every tried.. now that’s a big statement to make but it definitely is (!!!) Now the first thing that caught my eye with this foundation when browsing Superdrug was that on the bottle it says ‘Gel Foundation’ and the word gel instantly made me think of a dewy look on the skin! I’m 100% all about that healthy, glow-y, dewy, radiance look with my foundation and overall with my makeup to be honest! The consistency of this foundation is definitely more gel like and it sits so perfect on the skin. I’d say it’s definitely a medium coverage and that’s exactly what I love as I’m not a heavy coverage person, but this foundation is build-able so you can achieve that heavy look too. This foundation gives that healthy radiance boost to the skin when applied and blended out, it’s the perfect shade for me as well, I use the shade 52, Vanilla.


There is definitely a running theme with the brand… I love bourjois products especially their base makeup products. This is my second tube of this foundation and I think that definitely says a lot about how much I love it! I actually spoke about this concealer in my PRODUCT EMPTIES post. I fell in love with this concealer when I was on holiday in Turkey and I would either stay at my aunts and/or grandmas house which meant my makeup bag had to be small and compact and for summer that is what I wanted to be honest. I would only use this concealer for my base during summer and it was such an easy quick step and blended out like a dream both under my eyes and on any blemishes! I have found that this is the only concealer that does not crease under my eyes and make those horrible lines which is just what I wanted! I could already tell I’m going to purchase various bottles of this concealer in 2018 (!!)


If you’ve read my previous blog posts you will know I am obsessed with Tanya Burr Cosmetics products especially her summer ranges! This is another product that I was obsessed with when in Turkey as it was the PERFECT blush that gave a hint of pink and that healthy looking glow to your face!! This actually is an illuminating powder but as it’s pink I prefer to use it as a blush and I bloody love this product (!!!) It’s obvious from the image above that this has a satin / silky finish to it and it looks SOO cute and rosy on the cheeks! This product will definitely last me a VERY long time as you just need to tap your brush a tiny bit into the pan and it gives such a beautiful colour pay off!


Again another product from Tanya’s summer range and this is again an illuminating powder but in the shad, Champagne Sorbet! I use this as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and it gives such an amazing GLOW to the cheekbones and looks even more amazing when facing the sun, definitely gives that BAM of a highlight look! I use this highlighter on days when I want a more glowing highlight and I’ve had many compliments when I wore this which says a lot about how silky smooth and beautiful this product is! As same with the blush I will get SOO much use out of this product!


This is again one of my summer staple lip products and I received this as a gift on my birthday from a Benefit gift set from my cousin. Ever since I received it in March I used it on days when I wanted a subtle tint to my lips and was having minimal makeup days! It gives such a pretty red tint to the lips whilst also hydrating as it’s actually a lip balm. I’m actually not using it as much at the moment or not using it at all as I’m scared to finish it. There’s literally all that’s left from the image above and I will definitely will be purchasing a full sized one of this in 2018.



I only actually purchased these Nip + Fab Glycolic Pads this month when I was at Beautycon, they were at a very discounted price and I really wanted I try them out as I’ve heard really good things about them! Used them everyday for 3 weeks and fell in love. These pads are pre soaked in glycolic and fruits acids, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera! They are meant to gently exfoliate, brighten and refine the skin and that is exactly what they do! You just have to swipe it across your whole face and they instantly feel super refreshed and after couple uses I found that it made my skin radiant and gave a slight glow to it, which is what I’m all about!! These are a great product if you want to start incorporating acids into your skincare routine but do not know where to start.


I purchased this La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + during the Boxing Day sales couple weeks ago, as I was on the hunt for some sort of product that would get rid of my spots and blemish marks, and couple weeks down the line this product seems to work! This product is meant to correct the appearance of any blemishes and imperfections, I find that it definitely does reduce the amount of blemishes I’ve been getting and seem to work wonders on my spot marks from before. This is definitely a product that needs to be used regularly in order to see results on your skin. I’ll 100% be purchasing this product again in 2018!


Ever since I started using skincare products I loved Simple skincare products as their SO easy to use and as it states in the brand name, it’s just so SIMPLE (!!) I brought this eye cream back I’m January but never really used it as much as I kept forgetting, but recently in November I organised my skincare draw and found it and decided to give it a go again and actually use it MORNING and NIGHT. I’ve stuck to my skincare routine and used it and I love it! It’s so light and gentle under my eyes and it just does what it does, definitely reduced puffiness and it feels really refreshing too under my eyes!



This is probably my favourite The Body Shop scent ever, it’s so fresh and refreshing!! I love to use this shower gel in the mornings that’s it’s so refreshing and is a great scent to start the day with! The Body Shop shower gels are my absolute favourites as their SO rich in smell, the shower gels definitely linger on your body hours after getting out the shower! It’s a great shower gel, I love it, I will definitely purchase more of this soon!



I picked this nail varnish up in Turkey after the recommendation of my cousin and I’m so glad I did as I am obsessed with this shade! It’s definitely more towards the pinky side of the nude spectrum but not massively it has a subtle pink tint and is more close to a peachy blush shade! I love the formulas of this nail varnish too, it’s so runny and easy to apply with its brush! I have couple more shades from this brand and really like them too! Once I’m back at Turkey I will be defo picking up some more shades!


Best believe I have this nail varnish on my nails right now and I am totally OBSESSED (!!) This is the perfect red shade for me, not too light, not too dark, it’s the definition of blood red nails! I love Flormar nail varnishes anyway as I’ve been using them for literally years and I pick up loads every time I go Turkey as they do not have them here in London. I’ve probably used this nail varnish like every other week as I love red shades on my nails anyway and this is the perfect one!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below what are some of your best beauty buys of 2017, and I’d like to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!

Ayse Merve! x


28 responses to “Best Beauty Buys of 2017”

  1. the photography in this post is AMAZING x

  2. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Loving that green tea shower gel! the foundation looks great too xx corinne

  3. glowsteady says:

    Your photography here is incredible! I’m a huge fan of Effaclar Duo, it’s a longtime favourite of mine x


  4. Creative Nails says:

    I’ve never really Bourjois make-up before – I’ve always seen and read good things about it though – maybe I need to look more into it! That Flormar nail varnish is such a gorgeous colour!!! I’m pretty jealous haha


  5. Hello Bexa says:

    This is such a great post 💕 You have included so much detail which is fantastic! I’ve heard good things about Tanya Burrs Cosmetics so want to give them a try. Your post has encouraged me even more so! Also, I agree, Simple products are easy to use and are always great quality. I want to try the green tea shower gel from the Body Shop, it sounds so refreshing! Thank you for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  6. The Tanya Burr shades are gorgeous! I’m planning on using Body Shop products in the NY as I want to cut out all non cruelty free products I currently use and I’ve heard a lot of good things about their Tea Tree range xxx

  7. Those Tanya Burr products always tempt me but I haven’t tried any yet, think I will have to now!
    Daena |

  8. How beautiful are your photos?! I’m seriously impressed, everything looks gorgeous! Nip + Fab is a brand that I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this year, I will definitely have to pick up their gentle fix pads for sure! The Tanya Burr illuminator is absolutely stunning, I wouldn’t want to touch it, it’s so pretty hehe! Fab post, thanks for sharing your faves!

    Abbey 😘

  9. becky2812 says:

    Love the photography on this post! I’d never heard of flormar before, but that colour is gorgeous! Might have to get myself some new nail varnish after reading this post!!

  10. Lena Dee says:

    This is such a wonderfully detailed review! I can definitely tell that you’ve enjoyed these products. Nip & Fab is such a great brand, they usually have great products so I’m not surprised that they’re on this list along with Benefit lip balm. Btw, great photography! 🙂 <3

    xx Lena |

  11. Really enjoyed reading through your favourite picks of the year, I too love the healthy mix foundation, its my go to! x

    Han |

  12. Ashton _P says:

    I love body shop products. I find them to be so gentle on my skin

  13. Rosie says:

    I’ve been loving Tanya Burr’s illuminators this year! Can’t wait to get my hands on more of what she does this year!

  14. czechhoney says:

    I havent really tried any of the products you talk about however, I have vanila chai shower gel from body shop and it is amazing. Also, i have heard so many good things about the Bourjois foundation! I have to give it a try

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