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Long time no see! I haven’t wrote a blog post since July, which is only 2 months but it feels way longer than that. If you’ve been following me on the gram, then you’ll know that I went on a very long summer holiday to Turkey, which involved travelling, family time, winding down and relaxing. I have a couple blog posts to put up from summer sharing my film photos and little clips i filmed here and there; more on that in another blog post. As much as I love reading I’ve been quite bad at it recently as travelling caught up with me and I prioritised other things instead of reading. To get back into track with reading I did a massive book shop in Turkey, of some of the Turkish books I’ve been intrigued in reading. In the meantime I thought I’d share some of the books that I did read and what I thought about them.

Moxie – Jennifer Mathieu

Moxie was on my to be read list for ages and ages as I never gravitated towards it when choosing a book. It covers topics such as teenage lifestyle, feminism and voicing your opinions. It was a quick read about a teenage girl starting a club for girls to fight back to the sexist rules and opinions of their school peers and teachers. This wasn’t one of the best reads I did as it was aimed more towards the young adult age group.

Room – Emma Donoghue

Even though I had watched the film of this book before and knew the storyline it was such a page turner! This is one of those books that make you imagine the surroundings it is describing and mentioning. It picks up on every little detail and makes you want to read on. Its about a mother and a son who live in a tiny room underground, explaining their everyday routines and plans to escape the room without being caught to the mothers ex-boyfriend. It is such an interesting read and would be perfect for a holiday.

The Lido – Libby Page

This is one of the most recent books I’ve finished. It took me very long to finish as I was reading it whilst travelling and going here and there. This wasn’t really a page turner for me but it was a nice, calm read. Its about a young journalist finding new friends, new love and a routine to her life after being assigned to write about the closure of The Lido in her town.

Patti Smith – M Train

Probably one of the best books I’ve read this year so far and will stick with me forever!! This is the first Patti Smith book I read and I’m so glad I did as she quickly became one of my favourite authors. If you’re a lover of all things, art, photography, books, travelling like me then this book is perfect for you – Patti handles these in a beautiful poetic way which really makes you imagine that you are with her. She talks about her travels through different countries, towns and villages whilst stopping by cafes and writing in the meantime accompanied by coffee and her friends at times and capturing moments with her polaroid camera. Truely a beautiful read and would be perfect for a lazy weekend.

Patti Smith – Devotion

This is a small read about why Patti writes and what it means to her. This book is divided into different sections, slowly talking about why she writes. This is again a beautiful poetic read. I can’t wait to read more of her books!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I can’t wait to create more content for the blog soon.


14 responses to “books i’ve read #2”

  1. Carmen says:

    I`ve been meaning to read Room for years now, but the subject is so difficult. I will at one point, cause my best friend keeps raving about it. I`ve also had M train on my radar, but it`s been such a slow reading year.

  2. So nice to read a post from you after the summer, I follow you over on instagram and it’s been so fun seeing your lovely holiday photos from Turkey! I went last year and absolutely loved it so it was nostalgic for me in a way as well haha. Sounds like you got a wide range of books in and I really want to read something by Patti Smith as I’ve seen a lot of people enjoy her work. Not every book can be a page turner I guess but it’s nice you found a book and a writer you really loved. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh you’ve read so many amazing books, I’ve added these to my to purchase list!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. I definitely need to add Moxie to my TBR list – I haven’t actually heard of it before but it sounds great! Loved these reviews xx

  5. Sahara says:

    I’ve been slacking with my reading too! My want-to-read list is toppling over on goodreads, but it takes forever for me to decide which book to dive into from the library. I’ve heard about the book Room and have it on my want-to-read list! It may just be the book I get next for when I go to the library, can’t wait to get back into reading multiple books per month, I’ve missed it!

  6. Sarah says:

    These books sound good. I have heard good things about Moxie, so I might have to check that one out. Room sounds really good, that one is definitely going on my TBR.

  7. Awesome photo you have shared here, Thanks a lot for sharing it because it make myself to love.

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