December Product Empties


The last product empties post of 2018 is finally here, even though it is a bit late. To be honest, I’ve very proud with the amount of products I’ve used up this year, I don’t know the exact amount but I have definitely used up a heck load of products. For 2019, I’m aiming to use up more makeup products, as there was a lot of skincare and body products this year!

  1. Garnier Eye Patches – I have definitely mentioned these eye patches before, as I love them so much! These Garnier eye patches are basically like sheet masks but for under your eyes, it has product on both sides of the patch, which enables your skin to get the maximum hydration and moisture it needs. I love using these in the morning when my eyes are VERY tired looking.

Would I repurchase?


2. Zoella Beauty Hand Cream – I’ve had this hand cream for what seems like forever, even though it does give great moisture, I was very happy when it finished! It was one of those products where a little went a long way, so it lasted me forever, which is probably good for the price your paying for it. It made my hands very nice soft and smooth when I applied it and its deffo a cream which doesn’t make your hands sticky and annoying when doing tasks.

Would I repurchase?


3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturiser – I’ve had this body moisturiser since summer, as I had picked it up in the sales then. It’s a body moisturiser in a spray bottle which makes it quick and easy to apply and could be easily use don the go. However it gets a bit stuck when you spray it couple times over and over again, which makes it annoying. Personally, it gives me enough moisture for a day only, and I feel like I would need to reapply again next day. This is good for those summer days as it won’t feel too heavy on the skin, and taking into consideration that you shower daily or are at the beach daily, then it’ll work great, but not for winter months in my opinion. It doesn’t have a fragrance to it as well, as far as I can remember.

Would I repurchase?

Yes, only in summer.

4. The Ordinary Glycolic Toner – I love using a Glycolic toner in my skincare regime as it gently exfoliates my skin, as well as toning it and giving me a glow. This toner has 7% Glycolic acid, which is more than the Pixi Glow Tonic. I have used both, and currently am using the Pixi one, and I could deffo say that, this one is way more strong on the skin and you can feel the ‘tingles’ more. It’s a great product for the amount your paying as well.

Would I repurchase?


5. L’Oreal Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub – I really enjoyed using this scrub, it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and got rid of the little blemish like bumps around my nose and cheek area. I scoop a little bit in my hand and run it under water a bit and massage it between my fingers so the sugars start to melt a bit and then scrub my face with it and then rinse it off. This is the kiwi one, so it has kiwi seeds in it and it exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and silky. I’m intrigued to try out the other ones as well.

Would I repurchase?


6. Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream (Caramel Shade 2) – I looove this lip cream so much as its one of those ones where its my lip colour but better. It’s a matte lip cream which literally feels like velvet on the lips hence why its not very drying on the lips but also gives the matte look. The staying power of this lip cream isn’t amazing but it is relatively good. 

Would I repurchase?


7. Benefit Bene Balm – This lip balm came in a gift set hence why it is a small size. I’m a huge lip balm lover and always have one beside me. This benefit lip balm has a red tint which is great for those no makeup makeup days! It leaves my lips feels moisturised and hydrated.

Would I repurchase?


8. The Body Shop Shower Gel Frosted Berries – I always go on and on about The Body Shop Shower Gels as they are my faves ever and I always have some in stock! They give the most amazing bubbles ever and smell divine! Their not irritating on my skin so I always use these shower gels!

Would I repurchase?


9. Witch Blemish Gel – I came across this whilst browsing Superdrug’s spot treatment area. It’s a gel like cream which you apply after toning your skin and before any serums and moisturises. It is a good product as it got rid of the small blemishes I had and got rid of the redness from those stubborn spots, but it does take a couple days of consistent use to be able to see the results. Its not the best spot treatment but it is good and great for if your on a budget.

Would I repurchase?


These were all of my empties for December, I’m hoping to carry on these product empties posts monthly this year as well, as I enjoy writing them and its a great way of reviewing a product once its fully used up! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below if you have tried any of these products before or are willing to try them.

Ayse Merve! x


22 responses to “December Product Empties”

  1. I love the shower gels from body shop x

  2. emilyunderworld says:

    Ooh, I love The Ordinary! That Glycolic Toner looks great, I’ll pick one up when I’ve finished my current toner.
    Emily from x

  3. I’ve tried the Garnier eye patches and face masks and I love them both!!

  4. I’m really intrigued by the L’oreal Smooth Sugars scrub. I’ve been meaning to pick it up however I have a lot of scrubs still to use up at the moment so I want to get through those a bit more first x

  5. What a great post. I’ve tried the L’oreal Nourish Scrub and absolutely love it, but definitely need to try this one too!

    Nat x |

  6. I love these posts! I really want to try the loreal scrubs so deffo gonna pick it up now

  7. morgiereacts says:

    I’m trying to use up more stuff too and this has really inspired me! Great job! x

  8. Holly says:

    Thanks for your recommendations! I’m now interested in the eye patches!

    Holly x

  9. bethemilydann says:

    My skin would absolutely love the face spray x

  10. Catherine says:

    Been looking for a new moisturiser so thanks for this !

  11. CarlyTamara says:

    The Hydro boost moisturiser is my go to product, but I feel it needs a little help in the winder when my skin really suffers.

    Carly xx //

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