March On Film


I’ve finally got round to editing and uploading my March film photos on the blog. I shot these on the Fujifilm Quick Snap disposable camera! I’ve also brought a new film camera and rolls of film so its even more exciting shooting on 35mm and i can’t wait to share more!

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12 responses to “March On Film”

  1. These are so neat! I’m so glad I found your post because I’m doing a semester abroad in the fall, and you gave me inspiration to take some film cameras with me as I travel. Lovely post!

  2. Nicole McKay says:

    I love this! I adore film photos

  3. Amazing photos! I love this style of photo <3


  4. Emily Ryan says:

    Love these vintage style photos! Consider myself inspired, great post 😊

  5. 15bex02 says:

    Ahhh I want a film camera 😍 these are gorgeous shots!

    Rebecca | ❀️

  6. says:

    Amazing Pictures.
    Loved this post.
    Followed your blog to read more from you.

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