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I always have a big list of books I want to read, and since I’ve been on a no book buying ban for the past couple months, I’ve been adding loads of books to that list. During the new year, I’m hoping to read 4 books per month and instead of bulk buying them, I’ve decided to buy them each month as I get through the bunch I’m reading. I’ve already brought the books I want to read during January, which inspired me to create a blog post with some of the other books on my reading list.

Just Kids – Patti Smith: I’ve read M Train earlier this year and loved every bit of it, so obviously had to read Just Kids too! I’m excited to get stuck into this as I think it’ll be as amazing as M Train!

Calypso – David Sedaris: Over the last couple weeks I’ve seen loads of people read this book and say great things about it too! I’ve actually added loads of David Sedaris’ books to my reading list!

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

The Testaments – Margaret Atwood: After hearing such great reviews about Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, I wanted to read both of them as they sound so interesting! Can’t wait to get stuck into both of these!

City of Girls – Elizabeth Gilbert: This is another read that has caught my attention which its description and sounds like something I would love!

Milkman – Anna Burns: Not going to lie, the cover of this book really got me interested in it, with the beautiful sunrise shot on it! Just after I added it to my reading list, I started seeing mini reviews on instagram from the people I follow and can’t wait to read it even more.

These are all the books I wanted to share from my reading list, have you read any of them? Did you enjoy them?

Ayse Merve x


8 responses to “on the reading list #2”

  1. 4 books a month sounds like a great goal! I haven’t bought any new books recently too because I still haven’t finished the ones I have here at home. I always end up using the excuse of “if you force yourself to finish it when you don’t feel like it, you’ll end up hating reading” to avoid finishing my pile. Bad idea because I was slowly starting to get buried in books. Anyway, out of everything on this list, Calypso feels the most interesting one for me, personally. I just love essays in general. Would probably check out more Sedaris stuff too!

  2. Lisa Alioto says:

    I’m dying to read the Handmaid’s Tale – one you mentioned above. I’ve heard such great things about it! I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

  3. Lellalee says:

    I’m absolutely hopeless – I haven’t heard of any of these books (if it was written after 1750, I’m lost!!!) But I’ve decided to try and read some more current books so thank you for a guide for the New Year! xxx

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