The January Roundup

We’re finally in February – the past month has honestly felt like a whole year in itself, but weirdly I’ve been enjoying the slow pace of time, it feels like I’ve been living every day to its fullest! I’ve decided to do a regular monthly roundup on the blog about how I felt about the past month, major (fun and exciting) things that I’ve done…

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My Skincare Routine

I’ve been using many skincare products over the last couple years but never really found products that I throughly enjoyed using hence why didn’t have a proper skincare routine. However over the last 3 months I’ve been sticking to a routine and using the same products over and over again and I can finally say that I have found what products work for me and…

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After what feels like forever I’ve finally got round to doing a book recommendations post!! I LOVE reading and own way too many books and I really wanted to do a blog post of my favourite books I’ve read so far and just talk through my opinions on it. I want to make this a regular thing on my blog and every couple months talk…

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I’m such an organisational freak I love anything stationary and notebooks, and this should come no surprise that I love making lists, whether that’s for shopping, uni or literally anything! I recently got my friends into making lists as well and they seems to be enjoying it and says it works for them and helps with productivity! I thought what better way to share my…

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About Ayse Merve

About Ayse Merve

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