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Finally hopped onto the Glossier bandwagon and gave in and placed an order after hearing OH SO MUCH about Glossier and their simple yet amazing products (!!!) The whole Glossier brand is gravitated towards the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ and their tag line is actually ‘Skin first, makeup second’. Glossier has finally started shipping to the UK and they actually have a warehouse in U.K.…

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Ultimate List of 250 Blog Post Ideas

There’d be times where I come up with 10 blog posts on that spot and times where I can’t even come up with one and get stuck! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one stuck for blog post ideas when those creative juices just aren’t flowing(!!) I really wanted to do a list of 250 blog post ideas that would suit everyone and anyone,…

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How To Be More Productive

It’s that’s time again, the busiest time of the year for me personally, I’m sure it’s the same for many other people as well, whether thats students revising for their exams, uni students furiously trying to get their essays done on time, or those full time workers! As soon as it’s November that’s when I know I’m going to be drowning in deadlines, uni work…

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An Autumn Tag

It’s mid November and I’m only getting round to doing an Autumn Tag post, all I could say is I’ve been really behind with autumnal posts but hey ho I’m still doing one nevertheless! I’ve really wanted to do a post answering questions relating to all things autumnal and fall related, I mean just imagine yourself -with a cup of tea or coffee, on a…

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About Ayse Merve

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