five good things

These five good things blog posts are probably one of my favourite type of blog posts to write, as its a way of looking back on the past few weeks and reflecting on the good. In 2020 I want to get a bit creative with my blog posts and experiment with new media, so I have created a little video from today and used a…

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Let’s Talk.. Self Care and Self Love

There is always so much to say when it comes to the aspect of taking care of yourself and self love and with that being said, social media has got us thinking that doing a face mask and lighting a candle is initially self care and a way of loving yourself. Those things are a way to wind down and relax, which I do, do…

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How to find the time to read

It can be really easy to fall into the trap of watching multiple episodes of Netflix in one sitting but not as easy to read multiple chapters of a book in one sitting. In 2019 I set myself to the goal of reading 20 books which was achievable for me, because I love reading and I ended up reading just over 30 books which was…

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2020 Goals

Well hello there 2020… a whole new year, and a whole new decade! Stepping into the new year obviously comes with setting yourself some new goals to achieve and look forward for! You can read my previous blog post, HERE where I reflected onto some of my 2019 goals and the highlights of that year! 1. BLOG CONSISTENTLY – I love blogging and have rekindled…

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About Ayse Merve

About Ayse Merve

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