the twenty nineteen edit

It’s currently the 26th of December and as I’m writing this there’s 5 days till 2020, which means it’s time to do the yearly roundup on here! I always love reflecting back onto my goals and to see which I’ve achieved and which ones I haven’t and why. Some of my 2019 goals: Read more books: I’ve managed to successfully read my goal of 20…

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how to prepare yourself for the new year

This blog post contains products that are gifted, denoted by ‘gifted’. It’s that time of the year, when the OOO goes on and its time to chill out after a hectic year at work/university/life in general. During this time of the year, its my Christmas break from uni, which is the time I usually like to clear-out my room, organise things and prepare for the…

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five good things

I haven’t done a five good things blog post in ages and wanted to do something easy and quick to read for today’s post. 1. I’ve done and dusted the last assignment of 2019 which feels so good knowing I’m fully on Christmas break right now as this is a much needed break. 2. I took advantage of the Black Friday sales and brought a…

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on the reading list #2

I always have a big list of books I want to read, and since I’ve been on a no book buying ban for the past couple months, I’ve been adding loads of books to that list. During the new year, I’m hoping to read 4 books per month and instead of bulk buying them, I’ve decided to buy them each month as I get through…

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