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It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on the blog, quite a few weeks to be honest! After I came back from my mini trip in February I feel like I lost my motivation to create blog posts and then with the global pandemic hitting, it all just went downhill. After reading quite a few blog posts this week, I realised I missed creating some myself, so I’m easing myself back into my mojo by starting off with sharing some photos I’ve been taking whilst at home.

Just like everyone else, I feel like I have zero motivation to do anything, even though I have so much stuff I could be getting on with; uni assignments at the top of that list for sure! I’ve been in quarantine for exactly a month now, it feels weird that this is the new ‘norm’, hopefully it won’t last long.

Now that I’ve experienced this for a whole month, moving forward I’ve decided to take each day as it comes and not to push myself to be productive every single day, as that’s just not happening. As with everyone else, my routines have been all messed up, sleep routine the most, I’ve been sleeping at 3/4am lately and waking up late too, which is making me not want to get anything done lately.

I can’t wait to start creating more blog posts like this, sharing my time at home and the photos and visuals I’ve been photographing to help keep me inspired!

Ayse Merve x


6 responses to “time at home”

  1. Amelia says:

    This blog post was so simple and lovely to read! I’m sure many people have told you this but you aren’t alone with the unmotivated thing! Somedays I have been finding it so hard to do the basic tasks, but what has been helping me is writing simple to-do lists so when I achieve them I feel more accomplished and ready to keep going! Beautiful photos as well 🙂

    • aysemervedemir says:

      Thank you so much, this means a lot. I always try to make to do lists as well, but sometimes it just doesn’t work really.

  2. Tyas says:

    Same here, I often don’t feel motivated during these times.. while college assignments are piling up right in front of me!! But life must go on and we should do our best x
    Hope you stay safe and healthy!

  3. That is a beautiful shot with very good light-weight 😀 https://thoughtbeauty.com/palm-sunday-quotes/

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