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Even though we are well and truly in autumn, the weather switches between heavy rain for 3 days non stop or bright blue skies but still cold, which can be deceiving when dressing up. I normally do not like styling outfits around this time of the year as it’s either umbrella and jacket weather or tees and sunglasses, there is just no in-between. However, recently I feel like I have found my fave outfits to wear during this time of the year and I love how versatile they are!

Outfit one; basic tee and a straight leg denim jean.

I’ll always be a lover of basic pieces when it comes to fashion as they are so easy to wear and you can style them with many different outfits! Here I paired a basic black tee and tucked them into my blue denim straight leg jeans and popped a gold necklace on. This is one of them outfits where you can dress up with a blazer and strappy heels or wear it casual with a pair of trainers and a cardigan.

I love that I’m able to wear other basic tees with this outfit and it will still look nice and put together. This is definitely one of my favourite type of outfits.

Outfit two; an oversized shirt and denim mom jeans.

This is again another basic but very versatile outfit. I brought this striped blue and white shirt from when I was on holiday this summer for such a bargain! It’s an oversized fit which is one of my favourites and I buttoned it halfway down and tucked one side in and left the other out which in my opinion made the whole outfit look more casual and ‘effortless’. 

I paired it with my black mom jeans which are very comfortable and Adidas superstars along with some gold hoops and my raybans. This day was pretty warm so I didn’t bother with a jacket but a leather biker jacket would also be very nice with this outfit. You can also pair this oversized shirt with white or cream mom jeans which would look very sleek. 

I’ve linked these outfits on my 21 buttons account so you can check it out from HERE! 

These are the two transitional outfits I’ve been loving lately, comment down below what are some of yours? 


0 responses to “transitional styling”

  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Great post and great tips. What’s your favorite fashion accessory for Fall?

  2. Such a cute outfit, I like the shirt. So pretty x

  3. Jazmin says:

    Oh I love that shirt! Great post!

  4. lonelyloquat says:

    Cute, basic tees and straight leg denim are my go to.

  5. elenxmai says:

    Love this minimal styling! I wish I could pull these sorts of looks off but it never looks right on me haha. Absolutely adore the second look with the striped shirt – so cute! xx
    El //

  6. ashkaci11 says:

    Where did you get the striped shirt? Very cute!

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