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As we are well and truly in the colder months, it is the ‘jumper and denim jeans’ season or in a true American style ‘sweater weather’. These autumn/winter months are probably my favourite seasons to dress up for as there are so much more options and who doesn’t love a bit of layering up. As we are on the topic of the weather as a real ~british~ person, its as if London went from Autumn to Winter in two weeks!

Back to my ‘uniform as of lately’, I’m such a cosy jumper/sweater type of person. I don’t buy numerous amounts of knits every year, as I like to really choose my top two or three that I’ve been eyeing up that I can create various outfits from too. I recently brought these two from H&M and I adore them!

The first is this tan/light brown shade, it has a half turtle neck and it has a wide shoulder to arm space, making it a bit difficult to wear under tight leather jackets. However, I love the colour I feel like it just screams autumn with its warm brown shade. It’s a fine knit so the jumper itself isn’t super thick which is great for this time of the year in my opinion. It has a soft feel to it and isn’t one of those annoying itchy textures too. I paired it with a blue straight leg denim jeans here, but it also is great with some black mom jeans too!

The next jumper is this khaki fine knit jumper, which is definitely my favourite out of the two. This is also from H&M. I have linked these jumpers on my 21 buttons account, which you can follow and shop through this link here! There was loads of different colours of this jumper but I went for the khaki green as I didn’t have a jumper in this colour, but I will definitely pick up another colour of this soon! This doesn’t have a distinctive fit to it which I love as its super easy to throw on and tuck into some jeans. I’d say this jumper is the perfect length for me. It has the same feel and texture to the brown turtle neck one, its super soft and isn’t itchy at all!

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14 responses to “uniform as of lately”

  1. Lisa Alioto says:

    I am with you – this is me too right now! Sweaters can be funn though – i need to shop for some new ones to add to the mix

  2. Fatimah says:

    obsessed with your style this is such a cute fit! never felt like i could rock mom jeans tbh x


  3. travelforawhile says:

    Love the khaki one, looks soft too!

  4. mishmeshblog says:

    Great post! Love the jumpers you have chosen. I love a bit of autumn/winter layering

  5. I like that green jumper it works so well with the jeans x

  6. Jaya Avendel says:

    A little wool and you are all set for the cold season! I love jumpers and sweaters, especially ones with good color. They work as well as a good shirt, especially with a scarf.

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